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Friday - September 16, 2005
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Articles for Healthcare Professionals

Practice Transition (and Buying/Selling Practices)

       Business Organizations: Choosing Your Business Structure

       Choosing a Lender

       Closing Your Practice - A Checklist

       Common mistakes of practice sellers

       Deadly Sins when Buying a Practice

       Deadly Sins when Selling a Practice

       IRS-1031 Real Estate Exchanges

       Medical Group Formation

       Partnerships Can Be "Timebombs"

       Questions To Ask A New Partner Prospect

       Should I Startup or Buy a Practice?

       Transitions and Succession Planning

       Valuation of Medical Practices (link to IRS website/article)

       What are medical practices selling for these days?

       Why some Practices are Hard to Sell

Practice Value

       Appraisal of Medical Practice Value

       Goodwill Value (FP)

       Medical Practice Value vs Price

Practice Management

       Building Profitability


       Clinic Bonus Systems

       Doctors Opting Out of HMOs into Cash and Concierge Practices

       Get Ready for Managed Care

       How to Choose a Practice Management Consultant

       Marketing Capitated Specialists

       Marketing Elective Care

       Marketing in Yellow Pages

       Marketing Managed Care

       Medical Capitation Income

       NP/PA Pay Rates

       Patient Satisfaction Surveys

       PCP Group Formation Options

       Physician Specialist Marketing and Centers of Excellence

       Rec. Waiting Room Reading

       Reducing Practice Overhead by Expanding Your Schedule


       10 Steps to Containing the Health Care Stress Epidemic

       Anatomy of a Physician Consultant Relationship

       General Articles on Buying & Selling Businesses


Submitting an Article

To submit an article for consideration, email the article to  You can send us the entire article: accepted formats are plain text, Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf), or MS Word (.doc) files.  Articles should be sent as email attachments. Or if you prefer, give us permission to link directly to the article on your website. Include your complete contact information in the email.  Topic areas of interest include: buying/selling practices, practice transitions, practice valuation, partner buy-ins, Stark/AKS compliance, practice management, issues operating and managing a practice, HIPPA compliance, credentialing, etc.   Articles relating to all types of healthcare practices (i.e., medical, dental, chiropractic, optometric, podiatric, veterinary, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc.) are considered.

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