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Friday - May 24, 2019
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Practice World - 10/3/2005

Practice World LLC Creates Search Portal for Medical Professionals

DATE: October 3, 2005
Media Contact: David Greene
Direct Results 719-487-9973

Practice World launches new website to be the one-stop marketplace
for medical and healthcare professionals.

(Bellevue, WA) Practice World LLC unveils a one-stop resource and marketplace dedicated to the needs of medical and healthcare professionals. As industrial specialists in professional practice brokerage, Mr. David Greene and Dr. Michael Kovsky, founders of Practice World LLC. recognized the lack of good quality sites that catered to the needs of the medical community. There were three basic problems David goes on to explain:

1. “The better sites did not specialize in the healthcare industry making it tedious and difficult to find medical specific information. Especially lacking was a consolidated resource directory for medical professional to find consultants and resources specific to their area of the healthcare industry.

2. Existing sites showing practice listings were directed and organized primarily to business brokers, and not to doctors.

3. Many of the sites were of poor quality and lacked features for the demanding and growing sophisticated end users. “

Dr. Kovsky points out that managing a healthcare practice requires specialized expertise, “There are numerous statutory and regulatory issues, which apply only to the healthcare field. Professionals such as attorneys, accountants, appraisers, brokers, lenders, who are not immersed in the medical industry generally do not have the knowledge, skills, and experience demanded by veterinarians. At we bring service resources together, who serve the veterinary medical community.”

The Practice World Service Directory is specifically intended to contain professionals that are highly experienced in delivering services to this market. Practice World is oriented around the end consumer, the veterinarian, not service providers. The information is easy to find, and organized in a way that would be simple for veterinarians to pinpoint what they need. it is totally free to healthcare providers and users of the website. Anyone can search and view all information at no cost. There are no teaser pages that provide partial information and then charge to read the rest of the article or contact information. Most other sites are monolithic, focusing on a single area of information, for example: practice listings, or jobs. None combined all the areas of primary interest to medical professionals: practices for sale, healthcare jobs, medical equipment classifieds, professional service directory, and an event calendar like

Michael and David can see Practice World becoming the premier resource to advertise, sell, buy, value, finance, own, & manage veterinary medical practices. It is the only place where professionals can find all the specialists their business needs, find a employment, hire support staff using the job classifieds and find a practice for sale, all in one spot.
About Practice World Founders

Dr. Kovsky has been involved in veterinary medicine since 1968. Dr. Kovsky is a subject matter expert on topics related to practice sales, real estate sales, and management issues. He has authored several articles on these subjects related to business and real estate sales. He established and managed a five doctor veterinary medical practice in Portland, Oregon and served as Director of Technical Services for Hill's Pet Products, a division of the Colgate Palmolive Company. He has served as Vice-President of Marketing for National Information System of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Currently he is in charge of the professional division of International Business Associates (IBA) in Washington State.

Mr. Greene is President and founder of Medical Practice Brokers, Inc., the Rocky Mountain region’s largest business brokerage firm specializing in sales of medical related professional practices. Mr. Greene and the associates at Medical Practice Brokers, Inc. have assisted Sellers and Buyers in the successful transactions and valuations of numerous medical practices including medical, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary. Mr. Greene is a seminar instructor on Buying and Selling Practices, and has been an invited speaker at universities and professional groups on the subject of practice sales and values. He is a member of the International Business Brokers Association and holds their prestigious Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) certification.

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